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I am a medical specialist- gastroenterologist, researcher and medical-educator by profession, and a writer cum social worker by passion. Through my 4 decades of experience as a doctor, I have come to realize two professional “truths”:

  1. A clear understanding of health issues and diseases helps the patient cope better with the problem.

How then does one achieve this, especially nowadays, when “health” and “medicine” have become forbiddingly jargonized and their mention evoke fear and anxiety in a person?  Is it possible to address these topics in a lucid insightful way, with a personal touch and sometimes a sprinkle of wit?

The articles cover a wide range of topics related to health in a style that I have tried to keep simple, comprehensible and stimulating to any reader. 

  1. Suffering or disease is not just a physical problem; they cast deep shadows on our minds, moods, families and social responses. Many doctors are not tuned to this “bio-psycho-social” model of health and disease.

Patients will be satisfied with their doctors and hospitals only if they are able to understand their fears and feelings, and address their concerns. Equally important however is the need for every person to develop insight and be able to understand his or her own attitudes and responses to the challenge. Sometimes the psychological backdrop constitutes the most important trial itself.

In this blog I have addressed issues as diverse as how to make an emergency medical kit for home and travel, to how to choose a right doctor, or how to do a “smart” Google search that does not leave you confused or distressed!

Welcome and Happy Reading!

Gour Choudhuri

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Health Oriented Programs & Education

Dr. Gourdas Choudhuri founded HOPE Initiative (Health Oriented Programs and Education)  a not-for-profit philanthropic organization in 2004 to create awareness on health issues among school students. HOPE  has touched the lives of over 5 million children of over 6000 schools across 65 districts in Uttar Pradesh.

The achievements of HOPE Initiative have featured as the sole example from India in an international book on “Case Studies in Global School Health Promotion” published from USA by Springer.